PRIMROSE: Evaluating interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in people living with severe mental illness

PROJECT STATUS: Ongoing (no-cost extension until end of July 2024)

People living with severe mental illness experience profound healthcare inequalities and have a reduced life expectancy of 15-20 years, particularly from cardiovascular disease (CVD), due to excess modifiable risk factors.

This research project is evaluating UCLP-Primrose, an adaptation of an intervention to improve the assessment and management of CVD risk in people with severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia. UCLP-Primrose combines the UCLPartners Proactive Care frameworks with Primrose-A to provide sustainable targeted physical health interventions and economic efficiencies at scale within the existing workforce, amplify health benefits and reduce health inequalities. It is hoped that the addition of UCLPartner’s Proactive Care frameworks – widely supported both regionally and nationally - can enhance Primrose-A by identifying patients on primary care records with severe mental illness to optimise management.

The project was awarded additional funding from the NIHR ARC Multiple Long-Term Conditions Implementation Programme to lead the UCLP-Primrose evaluation (2021-2024).



The purpose of this research is to evaluate UCLP-Primrose and its implementation across a number of general practices in around London, Bradford, and other sites subject to further rollout. Interviews with provider members (including general practitioners, nurses, peer coaches, health care assistants, and managers) will explore their experiences of providing and implementing UCLP-Primrose throughout the implementation process. Individual interviews will be conducted with service users who receive UCLP-Primrose to understand their experiences of the service and how it was delivered.

Interviews will be audio-recorded and transcribed to text documents word-for-word. Quantitative data will be collected about uptake and use of the service, with descriptive statistics provided to enhance the qualitative findings. This study will support our understanding of the translation of a complex intervention to practice and inform decisions to adapt and implement the service.

The primary aim of the study is to explore with service users and providers the factors influencing the implementation and continuation of the UCLP-Primrose intervention. The secondary aims are to explore study is to explore with service users and providers the experiences and acceptability of UCLP-Primrose.

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Partners & Collaborators

NIHR ARC North Thames (ARC NT)

NIHR ARC Yorkshire and Humber (YHARC)

NIHR ARC East Midlands (ARC EM)

Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust


Mind in Bradford

Bradford Institute for Health Research  

Bradford Improvement Academy 

University of York 

Diamonds Voice  

Lead Investigator
Investigating Team
Kristian Hudson (Bradford Institute for Health Research)
Zuneera Khurshid (Bradford Institute for Health Research)
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