Research theme: Health economics and data

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The health economics and data theme provides support across all of our research themes, to make better use of research advances and interventions.

We are co-producing timely research on local and national priorities to benefit patients, the public, the NHS, wider public sector, and UK economy by: evaluating economic impacts and value for money of interventions that are developed in the ARC North Thames; and developing new applied research methods to interrogate health data in valid, informative ways (including the linking of data).

In order to achieve this. we have assembled a community of key researchers with internationally-recognised expertise in health economics, statistics, data linkage, evidence synthesis, operational research, digital technologies, epidemiology, informatics, computer science, health care engineering, geography, built environment and citizen science.

Discover some of our health economics and data projects:

Emergency surgery for patients with acute conditions

Health care costs at end-of-life

Impact of comorbidity conditions on equity of access, safety and outcomes of cancer treatments

Development of patient safety indicators spanning primary and secondary care

Research evidence in public health decision-making

Integrating legal advice and services

Improving NHS orthopaedic care in England: Evaluation of GIRFT

Improving quality of care for bowel cancer patients undergoing emergency surgery

Optimising and embedding a community development approach in local systems to improve health and reduce inequalities

CHAMPIONS: Addressing the impact of COVID on children in temporary accommodation

How can the NHS maximise its role as an anchor institution to boost local economies and reduce socioeconomic and health inequalities?

Retention and Sustainability of Social Care Workforce


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