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Through the NIHR ARC North Thames Academy (the Academy), we provide training and engagement opportunities for our partner members and those working in applied health and care research. These training opportunities range from CPD workshops and short courses to funded PhD studentships. We also host seminars  throughout the year to promote discussion on key topics. 

In response to the needs of researchers and health and care professionals across our region and beyond, we have made a number of our training webinars and workshops available to stream online.

Browse through the resources below. You can find a full list of training, engagement and research resources on our YouTube channel

Qualitative Methods in Implementation Research

(Q-MIR 2022)

Q-MIR 2022 brings together internationally acknowledged speakers to explore the ways that qualitative methods make possible discovery research around implementation processes. These plenary presentations from Prof. Anne MacFarlane and Dr. Cory Bradley introduce important insights from their own research journeys.

Innovation and Implementation webinars

The ARC North Thames Innovation and Implementation Science (IIS) webinar series aims to explore and discuss the latest learning, ideas, practice and approaches on the implementation of healthcare innovations in diverse settings.

How can we support innovation and implementation in the social care sector? 

The fourth webinar in our Innovation and Implementation Science webinar series explores how we can better support innovation, and tackle implementation challenges, in the social care sector. 

Qualitative approaches to innovation and implementation in dementia

In the 3rd webinar of our IIS series, leading qualitative researchers from across the UK explore and discuss the intricacies and challenges of implementing high-quality research evidence that informs and enhances care for people living with dementia. 

Soft power in the clinic

This second webinar explores how taking account of power (political, gendered, racialised, institutional, organisational, professional, economic) can help us understand the adoption and implementation of healthcare innovations, and the configuration and reconfiguration of health services.

Learning from a crisis: healthcare innovations in challenging times

The first webinar in our IIS series explores case studies and draws on lessons learned from implementing and diffusing health innovations during disruptive events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


early career researcher network

The ARC North Thames Academy Early Careers Researchers (ECR) Network was established to provide a supportive and inclusive learning and networking space for researchers, students, health and care professionals.
They have led a number of webinars and resources to support those working in applied health research. 

The open science journey: An introduction for early career researchers

Intrigued by how to make your research transparent and accessible to all? Want to know more about open science and how to get involved? This webinar hosted by the NIHR ARC North Thames Academy Early Career Researchers Network will guide you on how you can begin your own open science journey.

Looking at the field through a ‘Zoom’ lens: doing interviews and ethnography online

In this 20 minute presentation, Marnie Howlett (LSE) discussed lessons learnt from having to move her international fieldwork in Ukraine online, highlighting the new forms of knowledge that come from looking at the field through a ‘Zoom’ lens. Part of the 'Adapting qualitative research’ series, which focuses on adapting study methods for remote qualitative research.

Conducting focus groups using digital platforms

Over the past year online focus groups have become the new ‘normal’. This webinar explores the speakers experiences of carrying out focus groups using a range of digital platforms. The final installment of our 'Adapting qualitative research’ series. 

Measuring Disability: a secondary data lens perspective

In this webinar, hosted by the NIHR ARC North Thames Academy Early Career Researchers Network, Dr Eirini-Christina Saloniki explores data collection on disability, which remains inconsistent across surveys and/or over time. This webinar is for health and care professionals, applied health and care researchers and for anyone conducting research on disability.
Activating Research webinars

The ARC North Thames Academy Activating Research webinar series is designed for frontline health and care professionals with limited experience of research, and who would like to build the skills and knowledge they need to develop their own research studies.

How do I become research active? 

In the first webinar in the 'Activating Research' series, explore what research includes, how to be a research leader and how to engage with research through your trust or organisation, through real case studies and personal stories. 

Patient and public involvement in research and co-production

In the second webinar in the 'Activating Research' series, you will be introduced to Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) and co-production. The talks and discussion broadly cover what it is, who is involved, why it is important, and how it can be done effectively. We invited public contributors to share their experience of integrating PPIE into their work and provide real-world context for the session.

Research planning with the NIHR 

In the third webinar of our 'Activating Research' series you will be introduced the support available from the NIHR to plan and deliver your research.

This includes the role of the ARC North Thames Research Partnership Team (RPT) who can collaborate with you to design applied research in response to your region's health and care priorities; the assistance available to to through the various stages of research design and funding applications with the NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) London; and the support available from the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) for workplace development and delivering studies.

Sharing your research: disseminating findings and using these in practice

The fourth and final webinar in the 'Activating Research' series covers different routes for disseminating your findings, the different topics in applied research (clinical, public health, social care), how to showcase your work, and how to include patients and research participants in writing up and sharing research.

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