MRC Digital Youth

PROJECT STATUS: Ongoing - ending August 2025

The digital world, perhaps the biggest change to human culture since the industrial revolution, presents both opportunities and risks for young people’s development, mental health and wellbeing, and involves all aspects of their lives. At present no single academic discipline or organisation has the breadth and capacity to coordinate research and policy in this area.

Digital Youth, an interdisciplinary programme bringing together world-leading researchers, is co-produced and co-designed with our young person's advisory group Sprouting Minds and is at the forefront of these developments.

The Digital Youth team is working to find practical solutions through understanding the complex risks and opportunities for mental health associated with young people’s engagement with the digital world with the aim of generating new preventative and therapeutic interventions.

Partners & Collaborators

University of Glasgow

Kings College London


Oxford University

University of Bath

University of Auckland

Open University


Lead Investigator
Prof Chris Hollis (Co-Lead)
Prof Ellen Townsend (Co-Lead)
Jo Gregory (Programme Manager)
Investigating Team
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