ARC North Thames join the Barts and Queen Mary Virtual Science Festival

15 Jun 2021

ARC North Thames researchers will be presenting a range of posters, a talk and an activity pack as part of this year’s Barts and Queen Mary Science Festival.

This year's festival will be on the 15th-16th June, and is focused on engaging with older secondary school pupils interested in science and medicine. There are are a number of interactive activities, short live talks, posters and pre-recorded activities planned over the 2-day virtual event.

ARC North Thames content will include:

Poster: LGBTQ+ young people’s experiences and perceptions of self-managing their mental health

ARC and UCL PhD researcher Rosa Town will be presenting a poster around her research, which is exploring self-management in children and young people with mental health difficulties, who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+). Rosa's poster will be sent to participating schools to start interesting and engaging discussions around this topic, and we will also make this poster available here during the festival. Learn more about Rosa's PhD research.

Activity pack: Children’s Health in London and Luton (CHILL)

The ARC North Thames-supported CHILL study aims to independently evaluate whether the Ultra Low Emission zone (ULEZ) is effective at reducing air pollution in London and therefore improves children’s Health.

The CHILL team based at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) will be engaging secondary school pupils with an interactive air pollution pack. The pack will give pupils the opportunity to become scientists and carry out their own environmental research.

As part of CHILL, ARC and QMUL researcher Chris Griffiths is investigating whether a city-wide environmental intervention which improves air quality could improve children’s physical activity and reduce rates of obesity. Find out more about Chris' research project.

Talk and poster: What I wish my younger self knew about mental health

ARC Key researcher Rose McCabe (City, University of London) will present a closed talk to schools on how young people can recognise, support and look after their mental health. Rose will also be presenting a poster, which will be made available on the main Festival website. 

Keep an eye out for our festival posters, which we will be sharing here over the course of the festival!

Find out more on the Festival website

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