Becoming Reseach Active Online - New course for health and social care professionals

06 May 2021


Are you a nurse, allied health professional, social care professional, public health or local government member of staff who is interested in research or who has had some exposure to research and wants to become more involved?

Inspired by our Becoming Research Active in-person workshop, this new online course consists of five live skills tutorials hosted by ARC researchers and aimed at frontline health and social care professionals and will run in parallel with our Activating Research webinar series.

This course is designed to support those new to research in advancing their research journey, at different points in the lifecycle of their project and their career. The tutorials are focused on teaching skills needed at key stages in developing a research project, providing peer learning and expert consultation and signposting to further support and resources.

A workbook will be provided for participants to complete in-between each session and receive feedback on the research project they are designing. Pre- and post-session tasks in the workbook will be included to support preparation for each session, and to help consolidate learning after the session.

Apply for the course by completing this short form. The closing date is Friday 30th April, 9am.


By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the research process, including the principles behind good research design and planning for dissemination and impact
  • Be able to apply criteria to judge the potential value and feasibility of a research project idea
  • Have a basic understanding of research governance and ethics requirements, and know where to find out more
  • Know how to involve patients and the public in every stage of research, and understand how it could benefit the research


Participant criteria

The sessions are ideal for nurses, allied health professionals, public health or local government staff from NHS Trusts, NHS CCGs and Local authorities. Participants might have done a Masters level module in collecting and analysing data, or critical appraisal of research, or have helped to support research in your organisation or attended another one of our Academy courses. This course is not aimed at academics and/or researchers.

Participants must be available for all live sessions and complete all workbook activities.


How to apply

Please complete the application form by Friday 30 April, 9am.

Places for this course will be limited. Successful applicants will be confirmed on Tuesday 4 May.



If you have any questions about this course or our organisation, please email




Course schedule and outline

Thursday 6 May, 1 - 2.30pm

1 - Deciding if your idea is researchable

Learning objectives:

  • Identify differences between research, evaluation, quality improvement (QI) and audit
  • Identify steps in research process
  • Evaluate your topic and what type of project it is (research, evaluation, QI etc)


Thursday 13 May, 1 - 2pm

2 - Developing your idea into a question – reviewing the literature and identifying gaps

Learning objectives:

  • Scope out existing research in your area of interest
  • Assess whether your idea is a novel question
  • Create your search question


Thursday 20 May, 1-.2.30pm

3 - Designing your study

Learning objectives:

  • Define what is meant by “Research design”
  • Apply key considerations to some research ideas
  • List key considerations for selecting a design for your study


Thursday 3 June, 1-2.30pm

4 - Involving patients and the public in your research and journey

Learning objectives:

  • Recall steps in research process
  • Identify areas for patient and public involvement in research
  • Apply considerations for PPI and community participation to your research project idea